Currently Robots Are Friends is made up of myself (owen) and that's it for now. Based in Winter Park, Florida we are a small but efficient company. I've been working with computers since I was 8 years old. My parents got the family an Apple IIe and the ball was set in motion. I started programming from the BASIC Computer Games: Microcomputer Edition book. I would spend hours copying code from that book and only spend about 10 minutes playing the game. My sister got me into the world of BBS' shortly after that. From there I grew up with the evolution of the internet.

My first site was built in Netscape Composer, but that didn't satisfy me. I wanted to learn how Netscape Composer made the site, so I started learning HTML. My life with the internet from that point has been a constant evolution. My passion for photography and graphic design grew right along side of my passion to keep up with the ever changing internet.

A couple years later I soon found out that when your job is your passion, it's not work.